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Klein Steel Service

Klein Steel Service Inc., a premier metals supplier and processing center, has a 45-year track record for quality, innovation, performance and customer service. They have grown to a 360,000 sq. ft. footprint that supports reliable and timely delivery to customers in NY, PA, MA, VT and CT.

Klein Steel provides world-class JIT inventory and supply management solutions with over 3,500 line items of carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, tool steel and specialty metals. Klein Steel also offers a full range of value-added processing services from high speed mill and drill to oxy and plasma, as well as component and kitting for commercial applications as well as nuclear commercial-grade dedication materials.

As a final thought on why I chose Klein Steel and why you can be assured they are the right for both us, let me share some words from Klein Steel President and CEO Todd Zyra: “We feel that trust is our competitive lever. We’re passionate about safety and consistently delivering our customers what they want, when they want it, on time, every time so we can earn that trust.